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Anthony Bartee: A Texas/Zimmerman Victim

Anthony Bartee, Denied DNA Tests in Texas
Execution Date May 2, 2012

ANTHONY BARTEE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVED GUILTY, BUT TEXAS PLANS TO KILL HIM WITHOUT ALLOWING HIS DNA TEST. He is on death row, deprived of a DNA test to prove his innocence because the system does not really care whether Americans are guilty or innocent. Congress finally said so by approving National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in 2011 while normal people enjoyed Thanksgiving. President Obama signed it while most Americans celebrated New Year's Eve with friends and family. NDAA provides for military arrests in concentration camps without any criminal charges being levied. Victims will have no opportunity for defense at trial. The difference between YOU and Anthony Bartee, who is to be killed on May 2, is that he might go first. Please don't let that happen without registering your objection.

Was your name in the first batch of petitions delivered in April telling Texas to Test The DNA in ALL the Evidence? Please sign the petition to help stop the execution of Anthony Bartee at - The world is appalled at the violence and apparent racism in Zimmerman's fatal shooting of an innocent, unarmed youth, Trayvon Martin. However, this nation's prisons, including death rows, are inhabited by many people who might be innocent. The Innocence Project reports: "Since 1989, more than 250 people in 34 states have been exonerated through post-conviction DNA testing." Innocent inmates are unarmed victims in the struggle to save their lives and regain their liberty. Politicians and human rights organizations that grandstand on Martin's coffin claiming concern about his wrongful death should also show aversion to taking potentially innocent lives like Bartee's while a simple test might save them. It is hypocrisy to show repulsion over Zimmerman killing Martin but not over Texas killing Bartee without irrefutable proof of guilt. Every life is important. God is no respecter of persons.

I signed the petition for Anthony Bartee and wrote the following comment:

"EXECUTE JUSTICE, NOT PEOPLE! Give Anthony Bartee a DNA test, murderous hypocrites.We recognize that Texas is about 50 down from taking the lead from Virginia as the EXECUTION CHAMPION OF USA, but Bartee is probably innocent. See "DP - The Unholy Race" People are sick of sociopaths taking tax money that could buy text books to kill our neighbors, whether innocent or guilty. Please stop, if you can help yourselves."

How Important is Innocence in Criminal Justice?  That issue has been decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. While deliberating on whether Troy Davis would be given an opportunity for a hearing, justices on the High Court stated: 

“'The substantial risk of putting an innocent man to death clearly provides an adequate justification for holding an evidentiary hearing,' Justice John Paul Stevens wrote.

But Antonin Scalia, joined in the minority by Clarence Thomas, was unconvinced and unmoved.

'This Court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is ‘actually innocent.' Quite to the contrary, we have repeatedly left that question unresolved, while expressing considerable doubt that any claim based on alleged ‘actual innocence’ is constitutionally cognizable.'”

Scalia’s fellow justices noted that his position allows no legal avenue for even an obviously innocent person to have his or her case heard.

Justices Scalia and Thomas hold that the Supreme Court never made a decision on how important innocence is for a person who was already convicted. But I assert that the Supreme Court has NOT left that question unresolved. Silence on the vital matter of whether to uphold innocent people's right to life means the High Court has actually decided against it.

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. . .  Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.  Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all. ~ Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize for Peace, 1986

THE EASTER EXECUTION    Despite the Easter Execution, most people are executed in the Bible Belt by so-called Christians. Executions, especially without proof, are not representative of Jesus Christ. He says to those with innocent blood on their hands, "I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness."

Please sign Anthony Bartee's Petition on Democracy in Action at this link!    In case they corrupt the link, here it is without linking  (Copy/paste the petition link into your browser to reach the petition. Stalkers know each condemned man costs taxpayers around $70,000 per year more than inmates serving life sentences (according to DPIC stats). It depends on incarceration rates in a given state, but DP inmates definitely cost more to warehouse. Cyberstalkers therefore coded the "SAVE BARTEE" link (under the Cross of Christ) to be practically invisible. Arresting and killing people are just business dealings to prison profiteers.)


Do you see the photo of a public hanging directly above? The prison profiteers' cyberstalkers which the U.S. Government and Georgia justice officials and police allow to censor my Internet input may remove it. I encountered a good deal of cyberstalking placing it here. Perhaps the injustice system believes we will forget that executions are barbaric activities if they remove my pictorial reminder. Maybe without a photo, they hope we will forget that it is nothing new for mobs of people to kill simply because they are bloodthirsty bigots without consideration about the guilt or innocence of their victims, as long as the victims are black like Anthony Bartee or from among working class whites like Hank Skinner. Skinner won a stay of execution in November 2011, but he has also not been allowed to take a DNA test to date. Stays of execution are therefore issued to delay, but not to eliminate, the possibility of killing innocents. 

It was long ago decided that when barbarians want to do a murder, they must go through a court process first. After that, INNOCENCE DOES NOT MATTER. I respectfully disagree, and it is your duty to disagree along with me. Hundreds of people who went through a "full and fair trial" were later found to be actually innocent and were exonerated based on post-conviction evidence, including DNA test results. Bartee deserves the right to use every means available to prove his innocence. No one should be executed without irrefutable proof of guilt, especially while the state denies access to test evidence that was used to incriminate him. Punishing innocent people for crimes violates not only the wrongly convicted but also crime victims.
Summary of allegations against Bartee from "Crime & Capital"  On August 15, 1996, in San Antonio, Bartee murdered 37-year-old David Cook by using a nine-millimeter pistol to fatally shoot him in the head and neck. Bartee then took Cook's motorcycle and fled the scene. Bartee was on parole for two counts of aggravated rape when he [allegedly] committed the murder.  

For Texas to prevent Bartee from testing his DNA against the evidence puts Texas in the position to kill another innocent man. Did Bartee kill his friend? Perhaps. But the idea that he or any convicted person might be innocent is worth a test. Hundreds of prosecutors, judges, juries, and even eye witnesses have been wrong before. Hundreds. People are innocent until proven guilty. That has not happened where a single shred of doubt remains, whether the accused is a convicted felon like Bartee or a person with no prior offenses like Troy Davis. In Bible Belt states where people feel compelled to continue DP, The Unholy Race to execute the most people before the Second Coming, capital punishment should be off the table except for offenders with sound mental health against whom the state has irrefutable proof of guilt.

Military people from America's working class are dispatched throughout the world risking their lives in battles that are supposedly for human rights. Millions of men and women have died over the course of five centuries to protect Americans' civil rights that are guaranteed under the Constitution, and the right to life is chief among them. However our justice system quibbles over whether U.S. citizens should be allowed to perform DNA tests at their own expense to avoid wrongful execution! That is absurd, inhumane, and unAmerican. As minorities like Bartee and working class whites like Skinner are imprisoned and executed in America with their guilt not proved, please remember that their so-called "right to life" is exactly equal to your own - disregarded by elitists over the justice system and therefore nonexistent

Over the Holidays, Congress and the President approved NDAA, which subjects people to indefinite military detention (concentration camps) without criminal charges. And Bartee, an innocent man, faces execution on May 2, begging for a test the state refuses to give him. Both problems stem from the fact that the lives and human rights of minorities and working class whites are considered "immaterial" by elitists. Elitists decision makers disregard the sacrifices that generations of military families and civil rights activists made to make America a land of liberty and justice for all. We the People can and must address both problems: (1) Support H.R.3785, the congressional bill introduced by Rep. Ron Paul in January to repeal the concentration camp provision of NDAA. (2) Please stand up for Bartee's right to life. In so doing, you take a stand for yourselves, your families, and for all working class Americans. No wealthy American would be denied DNA tests like Bartee and Skinner are. Insist that guilt must be proved by every means available before depriving Bartee of life. Isn't that what you want for yourself? Isn't it what you, Bartee, and every person deserve? 

The Innocence Projects maps exonerations by state, geographic trends, and individual cases at this link . The fact that more than 250 Americans have been spared from wrongful incarceration and execution through DNA testing necessitates Bartee's execution being stayed and a test actually being given this time. Stays of execution must stop being an elitist game to temporarily reduce public outrage about the government killing innocent Americans. The trickery is not appreciated.

God said we must take a stand against unrighteousness and love our neighbors as we do ourselves. Bible Belt states execute people more than others, and risk killing more innocents, perhaps because Christians are not taught God's Word regarding executions. Please see Proverbs 31:8-9 below. Then be DOERS of the Word and not hearers only, as Jesus admonished.

Proverbs 31:8-9 King James Version (KJV)

"Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of ALL such as are appointed to destruction.  Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy."


See "Execution Watch" at this link  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Davis-MacPhail Truth Committee Petition Sabotage

The petition by Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee was sabotaged. My cyberstalkers' bosses would prefer for people to just forget about Troy Davis and "let sleeping dogs lie." That is how they feel about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, also. Human life is irrelevant for sociopaths. Neither does justice for MacPhail matter to them. He was of the working class and therefore irrelevant to them.

The 99% Still Stands for Justice 4 Troy Anthony Davis and Officer Mark MacPhail

The petition to Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the United States Department of Justice to re-investigate Officer MacPhail's murder was sabotaged from the moment I started writing it on the petition site. I was denied the option to upload a photo or video like others who use (There should be five links in this article without counting the tweet which ends the piece.) When the petition published online, it was dated September 21, 2011, not November 13, 2011, the date I created it. That was to hide the petition and prevent support to have Officer MacPhail's murder investigated again. Everyone who saw any online petition regarding Troy Davis dated September 21 and before that date naturally thought it was a petition to save Troy's life and did not bother to open it after Troy was killed. This is a petition to re-investigate a brave officer's death. Officer MacPhail was murdered while trying to save a homeless man who was being stalked and harassed by the same man who fingered Troy as the murderer. I believe Officer MacPhail's death deserves more than the cursory investigation that led to Troy Davis' execution. Davis was a teenager who had a clean criminal background before being charged with MacPhail's murder. No one's first crime is killing a police officer. Therefore, Officer MacPhail's murder investigation was absurd. He deserved better, and so did Troy Davis. Below is a new petition site.

Petition to re-investigate the murder of Officer MacPhail 

The petition to re-investigate Officer MacPhail's death closed out with less than 100 signatures although Davis had over 600,000 petitioners against his execution because his guilt was never proved. That does not add up, and I know why. I do not have time to play with First Amendment saboteurs. No one can sabotage the date on a petition by taking over my personal computer. That had to be done at or by third parties who have control over that online site. Everyone with petitions at should beware. I will re-launch this petition using another petition service although several others also proved to be corrupt to protect the justice system. If you can suggest an honest petition service with adequate security, please do so in the comment field below, IF they let you. Troy Davis' execution and the sabotage against this petition prove "history" does not mean "bygone" when it comes to racism. See the text of the defunct petition in the next blog. Hear Troy Davis' final request that we continue to fight this fight recorded at the links below.

Troy Davis' Last Words Released By Georgia Department Of Corrections (AUDIO)

Troy Davis execution goes ahead despite serious doubts about his guilt

Troy Davis, In His Final Words, "I Am Innocent" (AUDIO) Read more: - Troy Davis Execution "I am innocent" Final Words Audio

Thank you for your support in doing what Troy Davis requested. We will "keep fighting this fight" to clear his name. We will publish another petition and video proof of the cyberstalking that happened to the petition at The videos show my efforts to share the link via Twitter to Michael Moore and others. THEY ACTUALLY PREVENTED MY TWEETS AND DISALLOWED ME FROM COPYING/PASTING @KOFFIETIME TWEETS FOR THE TIME PERIOD IN NOVEMBER 2011 WHEN I WAS SHARING THE PETITION LINK. AWESOME FOOTAGE. THANKS, CYBERWOLVES. 

My cyberstalking tells us so much if you listen. The same cyberstalkers who are hired to censor Mary Neal regarding mass incarceration of the mentally ill also censor my messages and articles protesting executions, The Cochran Firm fraud against minorities, Taser deaths, excessive sentencing, wrongful convictions, the NAACP being sued by Rev. Pinkney, my objections to oppressive bills like SOPA and NDAA, and my petition to investigate Officer MacPhail's murder. Does that tell you anything about the stalkers' employers? I used to think it was The Cochran Firm when that was my main subject, but I don't think the law firm cares about enough about all my other topics to pay for four cyberstalkers to be on standby to censor my Internet input 24/7 for years. Maybe the stalkers and Cochran Firm just work for the same boss. See an excerpt from an article I published to notify the public that SOMEBODY DOES NOT WANT THE MacPHAIL MURDER TO BE INVESTIGATED.

Koffietime Tweets Hidden from Michael Moore
See the Troy Davis tweet below to Michael Moore that is cyberstalked. Mary Neal's tweets to @MMFlint (Michael Moore) were missing from @koffietime's tweet stream among those sent November 13, 2011, and they are also missing from my Twitter page. I am disallowed communication with Michael Moore, because he is interested in justice for Troy Davis. When stalkers plan to steal my Twitter followers, they first delete Twitter notices from my email box that announce them. This is a regular occurrence. I found numerous new followers and tweeted them about it in among the tweets posted at the end of this article. Most of my tweets have links, and those are not counted in the nine(9) for this article. Moore and at least a million other people throughout the world opposed Troy Davis being executed without proof of guilt and would be likely to endorse the petition for a new investigation to honor Troy Davis' last request: "Continue to fight this fight." I entered the forbidden tweet to Michael Moore again on November 25, 2011, and it appears below (on my view, anyway): koffietime Mary Neal to @MMFlint Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee Petition for new MacPhail Murder Investigation "KEEP FIGHTING THIS FIGHT" ~Troy 10 minutes ago