Saturday, April 16, 2016

Death Penalty Is Dying

The death penalty is dying, but it lingers in hospice. See an excerpt from an article by "Independent":

In 2015, only 28 people were executed here, the least in a quarter century (and one of them after a 36-year wait on death row). Moreover, all but four died in just three states: Texas, Georgia and Missouri.

Of the 50 US states, 34 haven’t executed anyone over the last five years, and soon South Carolina, another historical bastion of the death penalty, will join them.

Juries too are handing down far fewer death sentences, only 49 in 2015. Texas, long America’s chief executioner, was responsible for only two of them. For the first time in decades, the death row population has dropped below 3,000 – and only a relative handful of them will actually meet their end in the execution chamber.

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