Sunday, April 28, 2013

Free Darrell Lomax - Innocent on San Quentin's Death Row

My name is Darrell Lomax and I have been wrongly incarcerated on death row at San Quentin State prison for over 18 years. I was convicted even though:
~I passed a gunshot residue test
~I have an alibi
~the eye witness said it wasn't me
~the fingerprints on the gun weren't mine
and it was found in someone else's car
~the footprint wasn't mine
~My witnesses were never called
~and I couldn't afford a lawyer so I had to share a public defender with the man who made a deal to testify against me.
~When the situation with the public defender was discovered he was replaced by a former DA who made no effort to find the witnesses for my defense.

~ It targets the poor
~ It is racist
~ It kills the innocent
~ It does not deter crime
~ It is barbaric
~ It is expensive (up to an additional $90,000 per year per condemned inmate)

Inmate Number K27402
San Quinton State Prison
San Quinton, CA 94974

He's not guilty, so is it because he's black? It is shameful that America's justice system is so prejudice. "California Prisons Are Punishing Inmates With Race-Based Lockdowns"

Release the innocent, and treat the guilty with human respect while they are in custody, and please remember, "God HATES hands that shed innocent blood" (Pv.6:17). 


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