Friday, February 28, 2014

Truth Emerges re Willingham Execution

WRONGFUL EXECUTION -- Cameron Todd Willingham was an innocent man who Texas executed on February 17, 2004. The Innocence Project recently uncovered evidence that Webb, the state's witness against Willingham, was promised a reduced sentence to implicate Willingham. Willingham was convicted for arson deaths of his three children by (1) faulty science and (2) Webb's testimony. Saying "DEATH to the DEATH PENALTY" is the only way to guarantee that innocent people are never executed.

Webb recanted prior to Willingham’s execution, stating that he had been forced by John Jackson, the then-district attorney, to provide false testimony in exchange for favorable treatment in the form of a reduced robbery charge in his own criminal case. Willingham’s lawyer was never told of Webb’s recantation. Willingham was murdered by Texas, and John Jackson became a judge. He has now retired.

Innocence Project reports developments in "New Evidence Emerges in Texas Wrongful Execution Case"

NY Times reported that Willingham's cousin Patricia Cox said that if an exoneration does occur, the family has no plans to press for damages. “We’re not asking compensation,” she said. “We’re asking justice.”

The University of Michigan Law School Innocence Clinic says most wrongful convictions are caused by:
  • Eyewitness Misidentification 
  • Junk Science 
  • False Confessions 
  • Government Misconduct 
  • Lying Snitches 
  • Bad Lawyering
Willingham was wrongfully convicted and executed because of junk science, government misconduct, and a lying snitch who later recanted his testimony, but the justice system was not interested in the truth. 

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Thank you to all employees and supporters of the Innocence Project who fight wrongful executions every day.

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