Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Warren Hill's Reprieve

Warren Hill got a stay of execution during the last hour before his planned execution in the State of Georgia. Hopefully, Georgia will not wait until Hills' supporters leave the prison and State Capitol to execute the sick man. Pray with me that "The Storm Is Over Now" http://youtu.be/awtPSl6zFNU - See a Kirk Franklin video.

Thank you, God and human rights advocates! Investigate to discover where Warren Hill got his weapon and why the retarded homicidal inmate had a cellmate in the first place. Commute Hill's sentence to life in a HOSPITAL. Four(4) links are in this short article. The original reports are below the video of praise.

Original reports:

Georgia Murders the Mentally Ill: Warren Hill 


Georgia Kills Mentally Ill Inmates: Warren Hill

Atlanta Journal Constitution report regarding Hill's reprieve

Thank you very much, courts. Thank you, President Carter and Mrs. Carter. Bless abolitionists everywhere! We must continue to "fight this fight" (Troy Davis).

Blessings from Mary Neal, Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (Google us!)

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  1. How gratifying! I had chosen a great praise video to share regarding Warren Hill's reprieve, but time I placed it at my DogJusticeForMentallyIll blog, it became "unavailable for certain media." That means I am still America's most censored activist, which also means that God made us effective in fighting criminalizing mental illness, capital punishment, mass incarceration, corruption in the justice system, and adding love to the world. Thank you, Jesus! See the praise video at this link:


    Please get details about the reprieve at the AJC report


    Thank you!