Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kudos, Nebraska: No More DP

Nebraska abolitionists are to be congratulated, as are all people who place high value on humane solutions to crime and who advocate an end to America's barbarism. Nebraska became America's first conservative state to end capital punishment. We appreciate Nebraska's legislature for doing that. The Atlantic was one of many media companies that published the victory. A brief excerpt from The Atlantic is below:

Nebraska on Wednesday [May 27, 2015] became the first conservative state in more than four decades to repeal the death penalty. Its legislature, officially non-partisan but dominated by Republicans, voted by the narrowest of possible margins to override a veto by Governor Pete Ricketts, and enact a law scrapping a punishment that the state has struggled to carry out.

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Below is a modified excerpt from an article titled "MaryLovesJustice Advocacy Fundraiser":
The Davis-MacPhail Truth Committee believes we can hasten the day when capital punishment ends nationwide if abolitionists change tactics. Most anti-dp organizations try to appeal to hardhearted people's sense of compassion. Newsflash: Elite white supremacists have no compassion; their god is money. It costs up to $90,000 more per year to warehouse each inmate on death row than to house him/her in the general prison population, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. Our Davis-MacPhail Truth Committee usually addresses the financial burden that executioners make taxpayers bear because they are money-hungry and bloodthirsty. If executioners were not so mercenary, death row inmates would be executed long before they are, 10 years to 30 years after sentencing. But prison investors keep condemned people alive on death row for decades, not out of compassion but to make more money. That is good news, because most people who were finally exonerated were imprisoned for a very long time. If condemned people were executed sooner, America would execute many more innocent people.

The Davis-MacPhail Truth Committee believes that abolitionists must make executions more expensive.  We advocate for LAWSUITS after each execution if any reason at all can be found to sue. Executions would get more media exposure by suing. Anti-DP organizations should sue after mentally ill people are executed. Sue after potentially innocent people are executed, especially if DNA tests were denied. Sue after guilty people are executed if the executions were torturous. Sue, sue, sue. Lawsuits mean significantly more to killers than candlelight vigils do. I believe the key to ending executions to to make them more expensive through lawsuits, just as speeders are deterred by traffic fines. Access the entire article at

"Continue to fight this fight" ~Troy Anthony Davis
Anti-DP article by Mary Neal, director of
~Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee
~Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
~Human Rights for Prisoners March
~Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI")
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